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betting promos

What Are Betting Promos?

Betting promos are a great way for sports-books to earn extra money. Promos are basically a “free” bet on an upcoming game that you place with the bookmaker before the game is played. In exchange for your betting service, the bookmaker will make you a percentage (a cut) of the total bet amount for that game. In exchange for this, you agree to let the bookmaker promote your betting service to other customers. If a customer makes a successful bet, you win and the bookmaker pays you the cut, minus the fees.

betting promos

Most sports-books offer two types of betting promos; a “click to play” and a “deposit bonus”. A “click to play” is when the customer simply clicks on the playing tip to place their bet before the ball is thrown. This may seem simple but sometimes it can be difficult to predict the exact number of points the team will get, especially if there are two or more teams playing. Sometimes the point spread is a lot closer than the predicted amount, especially in the prime games.

A “deposit bonus” is a different form of betting promos. This is where you use your “stake” to make a deposit, usually with a certain amount. The bookie will then allow you to place your initial bet with no risk. You may also be able to use promo codes to get a certain percentage of your deposit.