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Guide To Requesting Self-Ban From Gambling

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What Are Betting Promos?

Betting promos are a great way for sports-books to earn extra money. Promos are basically a “free” bet on an upcoming game that you place with the bookmaker before the game is played. In exchange for your betting service, the bookmaker will make you a percentage (a cut) of the total bet amount for that game. In exchange for this, you agree to let the bookmaker promote your betting service to other customers. If a customer makes a successful bet, you win and the bookmaker pays you the cut, minus the fees.

betting promos

Most sports-books offer two types of betting promos; a “click to play” and a “deposit bonus”. A “click to play” is when the customer simply clicks on the playing tip to place their bet before the ball is thrown. This may seem simple but sometimes it can be difficult to predict the exact number of points the team will get, especially if there are two or more teams playing. Sometimes the point spread is a lot closer than the predicted amount, especially in the prime games.

A “deposit bonus” is a different form of betting promos. This is where you use your “stake” to make a deposit, usually with a certain amount. The bookie will then allow you to place your initial bet with no risk. You may also be able to use promo codes to get a certain percentage of your deposit.


Guide To Requesting Self-Ban From Gambling

Self-prohibition is a mechanism by which we register with the RGIAJ to not be able to access any bookmaker, casino, or online gaming operator. Only after 6 months can the enrollmentis reversed.

One of the requirements of any online gambling operator, be it a bookmaker, a casino, a bingo, or a poker room, includes the self-exclusion or self-prohibition icon. It is a red circle with an open white hand in a “stop” position. Self- prohibition in gambling halls consists of registering in a registry to not be able to access online gambling operators that require registration. In a way, it is equivalent to declaring yourself in the game since it is a voluntary step, although in certain cases, the registration may be by court order.

What is self-prohibition?

If you have a problem with gambling, you can register in the Register of Gambling Access Bans (RGIAJ) of the Directorate-General for Gambling’s Regulation (DGOJ). It is registration with self-prohibition in gambling halls that require a prior registration to play, which includes the different operators that act legally in Spain. Anyone can request their inclusion in the RGIAJ, which will prevent them from browsing online gambling operators’ pages.

It should be noted that we can register in this registry both for online operators, for which we will need the DNI or NIE and in physical premises, for which the passport is enough. When registering in an online gambling hall, we need the DNI or NIE; we cannot do it with the passport; hence you cannot sign up for the RGIAJ only with your passport. There is a state registry, which applies to all of Spain, and another autonomous one where self-prohibition only affects the communities where the player is registered.

How to request self-prohibition?

By clicking on the AutoExclusion icon in any bookmaker or online casino, we go directly to the RGIAJ section of the DGOJ. However, from the Gambling Regulation website, we can also access the self-prohibition record. From there, they tell us the three ways to sign up for the registry:

  • Online: if you have an electronic certificate, the easiest and fastest way is to submit your registration through the DGOJ electronic headquarters.
  • Face-to-face registration: we download the RGIAJ form, and after filling it in, we present it in the electronic records of the Public Administrations, Post Office, or registry offices. The application must show the date of receipt of the application.
  • Self-prohibited DNIe mobile app: we can also register with the self-prohibited DNIe mobile app, available on Android but not on iOS. You will need a DNIe 3.0 and an NFC connection on your device.

Through the electronic headquarters of the DGOJ, we can request a status certificate in the Register of Gambling Access Bans. If you have a digital certificate, you will receive it immediately. You can print it after completing the application; If not, you will have to print the application and submit it to a registry office.

How to remove self-exclusion from the game?

Self-prohibition is permanent, although, after 6 months, we can process the request to cancel the registration of gambling prohibited through the same channels and remove the self-prohibition of casinos and online betting houses. As long as the self-ban is in effect, you will not be able to enter the pages where identification is required to bet. If the registration only affects the online game, the player will be able to play in physical venues and vice versa but may have problems to collect some prizes.